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This website is the online home of BJ Holtgrewe and my friends.  The art and science of cartography and, more broadly, the topic of "location" is one of my many passions.  I plan to use this website as a means of sharing my thoughts, code samples, and pointers to other interesting sites covering the topic but I also am going to use it to share my voice on many topics.. 

I'm extremely intrigued by the important aspect of "where?" that enters into all our lives in our work, religion, politics and playtime.  I recently had the pleasure of coauthoring a book, MapPoint for Dummies, and will use this site as way to share more about the business mapping application that I deem an essential tool for anybody in businesses, small and large.

I spent almost four years on the Microsoft MapPoint team where I last served as the Senior Product Manager/Technical Evangelist (yes, it's a real title!) traveling across North America and

Europe spreading the good word about one of Microsoft's best keep secret weapons. Prior to these days as a road warrior, I was a Lead Program Manager for the Microsoft Geography Product Unit mapmaking team and served later as a Product Planner on MapPoint 2002.

When I left the MapPoint team I spent three years in Microsoft Research as a Lead Program Manager on the Smart Personal Object Technology team.  Check out MSN Direct  to learn more about a tremendous technology. 

I am currently the Senior Product Manager of Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System.  VSTO is an enabling  "smart client" technology that empowers professional developers to build managed code (Visual Basic .NET and C#) solutions with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft InfoPath and Microsoft Outlook. 

Although my scope of work is now more broadly defined, I will still be pursuing my love of location and will always sing the praises of Microsoft

Over time you will find much about the topic of location at this site, I will also use it as a place to share my thoughts about many unrelated topics.  I attempt to observe all that takes place around me and I have a natural curiously about the world in general.  Those who know me will know my simple beginnings as an "Iowa farm boy" (truth be known I was a "city kid" in a town of 900 folks).  I'm proud of my Midwest roots but I've also been fortunate to call Denver, Boston, Delaware, and now Seattle, my home.  I've had the pleasure of traveling to many different parts of the world, and in the process, have gained a broader view of what location means.  The location where I spend most of my time these days is in my office at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington.  I'd love to hear from you and I will attempt to answer all emails even if it takes a little time.  Send your comments, questions and opinions to BJ Holtgrewe and I'll share them on these pages.

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