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As online commerce gains in prominence as a sales channel, are you looking for better ways to influence the brand experience delivered to your customers on eCommerce websites?

Our Brand Analytics product suite provides you with key insights on your eCommerce presence, enabling you to protect your brand equity, enforce price parity across channels, optimize your share-of-voice, and drive more sales online.

brand governance

Brand Governance

Optimize how your products are represented to derive maximum value from your eCommerce channel.

Track and minimize the presence of MAP violations, unauthorized merchants, and counterfeit products, while also managing the quality of your online catalog.

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share of voice analysis

Share of Voice Analysis

Gain insights on and optimize your brand's share on eCommerce advertising, keyword search results, and customer reviews and feedback, relative to your competitors.

Correlate your share of promotions with internal sales data and consumers' opinions in reviews to sharpen your eCommerce investments.

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shelf velocity optimization

Shelf Velocity Optimization

Influence and drive greater sales through your eCommerce channel by tracking and improving your online shelf velocity for top search keywords.

Identify how popular your brand’s products are on eCommerce websites and track movement of shelf presence, ranks, and stock status over time.

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Brand managers swear by it

The eCommerce channel poses unique challenges in upholding the values of your brand and offering a consistent shopping experience to your customers.

We help you maintain price parity across all channels, identify unauthorized merchants on online marketplaces, and manage the quality of your online catalog.

Banked on by eCommerce executives

As more and more brands compete fiercely on eCommerce websites, driving sales through this channel requires innovative approaches.

Use us to influence your shelf velocity on eCommerce websites, improve your brand visibility, and derive optimal value from your eCommerce channel.

More power to digital marketeers

The eCommerce channel is rich with information on your consumers’ likes and dislikes, and how your brand's products are promoted online.

Our technology helps you sharpen your online promotional investments, and build consumer-focused products and marketing campaigns by unearthing their opinions from online reviews.


DataWeave has a great team and product, so I’m happy to put my weight behind it. Now we’re figuring out how we can invest more for next year in the US and beyond!

- Travis Rudolph, Senior Director of Sales, Netgear

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